AlamanceCC Password Reset & Setup

WARNING: This password portal is for College provisioned accounts and authorized use only. Unauthorized access and/or use of these systems is prohibited. Disclosure of information protected by privacy laws is prohibited. All access to and use of these systems is subject to monitoring, review auditing and disclosure at the discretion of the College. There is no right of privacy in these systems. Unauthorized or improper use of these systems may result in disciplinary action, civil and/or criminal penalties. Access or use of these computer systems by any person, whether authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to these terms.

Passwords are valid for 90 days. 14 days prior to password expiration, reminder notifications will be sent via email.

Employee email accounts will be suspended upon termination. Student ACCess Accounts (and associated data) are maintained for a minimum period of one year after the last semester in which those students were enrolled at the College. After that, Student ACCess Accounts are subject to deletion. Deleted accounts are not recoverable.

The information provided here will be validated with records stored by Alamance Community College. For further assistance please contact:

Students - Student Success (336-506-4270)

Employees - Please contact your supervisor

Failed attempt lockout time is 5 minutes